Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Here at UK Fire Safety Limited we have extensive knowledge and experience built up over many years in the industry. We have designed and installed sprinkler systems to exacting Loss Prevention Council British Standards, National Fire Protection Association of The United States of America, Factory Mutual Global, and other nationally recognised standards in Europe and the UK. We are a proud member of the United Kingdom Loss Prevention Council and are listed and approved as a bona fide installer and maintenance provider of fire protection systems. At UK Fire Safety Limited our aim is to be at the forefront of technology in the fire protection industry, to this end we utilise the latest design techniques in tandem with traditional computer aided design. We are also investing in information technology for our Fire Protection Service Engineers, as we recognise that our clients, who have invested considerable sums of money in their protection systems, want to have visibility of the service and maintenance that is carried out on their assets, to this end we can provide on-line access to service documentation and reports tailored and encrypted to their individual requirements. We believe this level of service should be provided as standard by companies who are servicing and maintaining fire protection industry standard assets.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems



These systems are designed and installed to control and extinguish fires or to provide cooling to structures, vessels etc. They are used in areas where the spread of fire would be so rapid that a normal sprinkler system would not react fast enough to effectively control the fire and reduce the risk of severe loss. The fire is extinguished by the cooling that takes place as the water spray is converted to steam by the heat, the steam also acts as a suppressant effectively smothering the fire. The discharge of the water from specialised sprinkler heads allows the sprinkler system to emulsify a combustible liquid surface as well as dilute flammable vapours. A combination of these factors often plays a part in the fire suppression process, here at UK Fire Safety Limited we have experts with considerable hands on industry experience in the correct application of all forms of water spray systems, and we offer honest and practical advice to our customers for all aspects of fire sprinkler systems.


Medium Velocity Systems



Each medium velocity deluge water spray system designed by UK Fire Safety Limited is a tailor made solution to suit the individual requirement; this is based on risk identification and other factors that will be defined during preliminary site surveys and risk assessment. The system is designed to control and extinguish fires involving water soluble flammable liquids and to cool structures or vessels exposed and at risk to radiant heat. The system use various detection mechanisms including heat, smoke, ultra violet or pilot type sprinkler heads to operate the deluge valve. Our engineers have designed systems for both the petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industry including business/mission critical manufacturing and processing plant rooms, as well as installations at oil refineries and power plants both fossil and nuclear energy. Our engineers carefully consider the individual sites characteristics to ensure that the system is designed to provide maximum protection taking into account any obstructions to water run down, wind and climatic conditions as well as the various shapes, sizes and height of the risk being protected. If these critical aspects are not adequately taken into account then hot spots or weak spots could occur which in turn could lead to serious structural damage or even collapse of a vessel or structure.


High Velocity Systems



These systems designed by UK Fire Safety Engineers control and extinguish fires involving low flash point, non- soluble flammable liquids. This type of fire is far more volatile and the speed of response is paramount to ensure that extreme temperatures are not generated. Also the fire has to be controlled to ensure it does not spread to an extent that the system could be overwhelmed.


Our Engineers have experience of designing and installing systems for the control of fires in the following equipment and environments:

  • Oil Cooled Transformers
  • Air Pre Heaters
  • Boiler Fronts
  • Turbo Generators
  • Process Pumping Systems

Each system is individually designed by UK Fire Safety Engineers taking into account all the factors previously mentioned and the customers own specific criteria, we will also provide customers with honest and practical advice on the most suitable method of dealing with their individual fire risks.